Beetlebung freshwater pond cleaning

Pond Cleaning & Wetland Restoration

A Collaboration to preserve and restore a freshwater pond and surrounding wetlands.
Phase I
Prepare site & minimize impact on homeowners property

The first phase included initial onsite meetings, and several follow up visits to evaluate the property and the best way to get access to the pond with the large hydro-raking equipment. Careful attention was given to the access route to minimize impact to the homeowners property. Blue stone pavers were removed to avoid damage, numbered, stored, and replaced after the project.

In addition we collaborated with off-island and on-island environmental services groups.

Phase II
Haul collected pond matter to offsite location

The process required Beetlebung Tree Care equipment and crew-member onsite for the duration of the project to transport the collected pond matter to an offsite location, over the course of several days.

Phase III
Restore wetland status, and homeowners Property to its former state

Once the Hydro-raking component was complete, the equipment was hauled out of the pond, and the clean up process began. The heavy duty lawn protection matting and plywood were removed, the bluestone pavers restored to their original positions, and all equipment removed from the site.

To adhere to the Edgartown Commission’s order of conditions, an area of turf was cut along the edge of the pond, and planted with a wetland seed mix over which a protective layer of jute mesh was placed to prevent seed blowing away. This last measure was to help restore natural habitat and also prevent future erosion and runoff in to the pond.

Lastly, a prerequisite was that the property should look as though nothing happened there, that it was restored to its initial state, and it was.