Landscape Construction

Our landscape construction services encompass everything from initial consultation, planning and/or working with homeowners and landscape architects, to the physical work. We grade properties to create the perfect slopes to lawns, lay turf, hydro-seed, install custom stone patios and walls, and design irrigation systems to meet the specific needs on your property.

View some of our featured projects showing the many aspects of landscape construction.

We continue our investment in these island properties through our Landscape management and maintenance division where we seamlessly provide all garden, lawn, and tree services.

Tree Care

Beetlebung Tree Care has been caring for trees on Martha’s Vineyard for more than two decades. We offer expert pruning and ornamental care for safety, tree health, aesthetics, view maintenance and light management. Pruning is a powerful prevention tool and can be used to compartmentalize decay and improve the longevity of a tree.

There are many measures we can utilize for preserving historic and feature trees including air spade root invigoration, canopy support system installation, crown management, deep root fertilizing, pest and disease control.

When removal is the best option for a tree, we have skilled, certified climbers and specialized equipment for the most technical and hazardous of tree removals. We provide safe, efficient tree removals for any tree size with minimal impact to client’s properties.

View some of our varied Tree Care work.

Landscape Maintenance

& Fine Gardening

The Beetlebung Landscape Maintenance division can take a project through every phase from idea to design to execution to management to bring your landscape to life. Services included lawn mowing, field mowing, lawn top-dressing, composting, mulching, and more.

The Beetlebung Gardening division provides complete gardening, planting bed and container design and maintenance services. These services include spring herbaceous gardening design and installation projects. 

View some of our gardening installation and maintenance work.

Irrigation Installation

& Maintenance

Our Irrigation Specialists are highly qualified, and create environmentally responsible designs using the best available equipment to suit every need.

The Beetlebung Tree Care & Landscape Management team provides complete irrigation systems installation and maintenance services. These services include spring start-ups & fall winterization, repairs, retrofits, upgrades, drip systems, internet accessible controllers, flow monitoring, rain and evapo-transpiration sensors, water-saving smart controllers, siphon systems and low voltage lighting.

Organic Plant Health Care

& Integrated Pest Management

Organic Plant Health Care (OPHC) is the philosophy of care that takes an ecosystem into account when creating an approach to property care. The emphasis is working with nature instead of against it. It is analogous to preventive medicine. Through soil testing and organic amendments, we feed the soil that feeds trees, shrubs, flowers and turf.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an environmentally sensitive approach to managing pests and optimizing plant health. Beetlebung Tree Care provides a thorough IPM Landscape Monitoring Service in which a certified arborist performs a landscape site visit and assesses plant health, pest and disease issue. We use the most up to date information on the life cycles of pests and their interactions with the environment. If no other alternative is available, we employ the best available pest control methods to find a management solution. We provide effective treatments that have the least impact and hazard to people, pets, properties and the environment.

Beetlebung Tick and Mosquito Control

Tick & Mosquito Control

Tick & Mosquito Control: We provide several methods for controlling tick and mosquitoes on Martha’s Vineyard. These include organic and synthetic solutions that are effective to suppress and repel ticks and mosquitoes as well as safe for children, pets and sensitive habitats.